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Website Design and On-going Maintenance
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Website Design and On-going Maintenance

Everyone has been to “that one” business website which looks like it was put together in a word processor, nothing lines up properly and hasn’t been changed since it was put up.  While these websites do great in the hobbyist environment, for a professional business they lower the initial trust of your potential customer.  Most customers expect some basic things when they walk into your place of business and you should care about your website (your online place of business) in the same manner.

Just like you clean and maintain your floors, you should maintain your website on a regular basis.  This may entail putting up new images of your place of business and staff.  Adding helpful videos about your services and products.  Adding marketing materials to help convince newcomers to want to do business with you.

Most business put up a website because everyone else has one without realizing the potential and ultimate purpose.  Marketing on-line is no different than marketing off-line.  It’s all about gathering leads, converting leads to customers and retaining those customers for years to come.  A website is just one small piece of your overall marketing efforts.

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